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Posted on 27 Jan 2017


If you need to buy any of the products below, please get in touch by email or 'phone 01884 32164. I am still trading the old fashioned way - conversation, cheque in post, parcel in post!
Posted on 03 Jun 2013


Cold water soluble fabric 90cm wide £4 per metre

Stitch and tear - 90cm wide £1.60 per metre

Minimum order 2 metres

Style Vil - a new vlieseline product that is ideal for bag making - 72cm wide £12 per metre

I also stock Decovil - heavy and light, cotton muslin and a variety of other products for creative textile work. Please get in touch if you would like details.
Posted on 03 Jun 2013


I have 150cm wide shrink polyester available at £40 per metre (minimum order half a metre) Please get in touch by email or phone if you would like to purchase some.
Posted on 06 May 2013


The fabric for the dress has been made with mohair from Miranda the goat.
Miranda is owned by Louise who runs Howden House bed and breakfast in Tiverton (

The mohair was layered between silk organza and water soluble fabric then stitched on my small Janome sewing machine. In all it took about four days of free motion stitching to create the fabric which was then pinned inside a duvet cover and put through a gentle wash cycle to remove the water soluble fabric (and some of the mud etc. on the fleece!)

The dress was then made up using a 1960s pattern rescued from a scrap store.

Thanks to Fran for modelling the dress on a cold December day.
Posted on 05 Jan 2012


To see a short video of how to use shrink polyester go to

colouricious youtube

...but don't forget to come on a workshop as well!

Happy stitching.


PS I can't work out how to put direct links to other websites from this one, but if you highlight the website it should appear in the google search bit!
Posted on 26 Dec 2010